The Look We Get.. Every Time

The Look We Get.. Every Time

We get the same look every time we walk into a business and explain we're not trying to sell them something but rather help them sell their overstock and dead stock.

It a simple concept, but businesses are so used to 'sales people' walking in the door that they immediately put up the walls.  I've even heard 'There's a salesman here.  Who wants to talk to him?' on more than a few occasions.

In never fails however, when we tell them we're looking to help.  More and more people engage in the conversation and we walk out with a directive and sometimes a list of things they need gone immediately.  

As a person who's been trying to 'sell something' my whole career, this has been an awesome change up.  Helping people is what I believe everyone wants to do.  I'm very proud of what we've built and where we can go.

Hopefully, one day the look of seeing a salesperson, will turn into a look of excitement, but 'the look' is probably not going anywhere.

All the best to you and your team,


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